Horizontal Bandsaw Machines

This Machine is of rugged construction with a box type column made out of steel channel and is accurately machined. The jack screw is precisely threaded for smooth up and down frame movements. The two wheels are fabricated with extra thicker steel rim and are fully balanced and fitted with high quality taper roller bearings. The two saw guides are fitted with hardened steel runner. Saw blade tension assembly is made out of machined slide with steel threaded screw which keeps the tension of the blade constant.

For Quality Standard Reliability

Log carrying trolley is 12”*14” size six wheel type. The axil shafts are extra heavy size to withstand the shock load of heavy log. Log catching jaw is of a rack type and is adjustable. The catching hooks are vertically adjustable to hold bigger size log and this system enables the operator to fix the log quickly. All parts of the machinery are standardized and are interchangeable.

Size Wheel Dia To Cut
Log Dia
Size of
Length of
R.P.M Size of
No. of Wheel of
Length of
39” 39” 50” 2.5” to 3” 30” 12.5 600 12’*4” 6 No’s 60
42” 42” 60” 2.5” to 3” 34” 15 575 12’*4’ 6 No’s 80
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